We are New York based photographers, specializing in wedding and portrait photography. 

Our clients are always excited by the prospect of having their moments captured by a couple, as our love for each other translates into a streamlined workflow that produces high quality imagery consistently and efficiently. 

We finish each other's sentences, and we change each other's lenses. Nothing beats capturing the happiest moments of people's lives with the love of your life.

Aaron Rahman

Aaron is the lead photographer, and is in charge of planning, pre-production, and post-production to ensure that all images have our signature look and feel to them.

A student of light, Aaron has a knack for turning even the most undesirable lighting situations into a prop for truly unique photographs.

Sasha De Silva

Sasha is a woman of many talents. She is in charge of the video side of our production. Sasha (wo)mans her own camera, and expertly captures the motion that can't be conveyed through still photographs.

She also serves as a lighting assistant to ensure that each photograph retains a unique mood and feel.