Gokce and Mert's Henna Night and Wedding

Henna Night Location: The Brownstone
Wedding Location: The Royal Manor

Photography by: www.imagesbyaaron.com
Lead Photographer: Aaron Rahman
Second Photographer: Yeahia Ahmed

Cinematography by: www.imagesbyaaron.com
Cinematographers: Saad Rahman and Aaron Rahman
Direction and Post-Production: Aaron Rahman

With the Turkish weddings I've done, for one reason or another, I haven't had the chance to shoot the henna night before theirs. Better late than never. Loved all the beautiful outfits and festivities from their henna night at The Brownstone.

They say that rain on a wedding day is a sign of good luck, and their wedding day was blessed with a few intermittent rain showers that thankfully didn't change the day around too much. We had a great time shooting their wedding at the beautiful Royal Manor.

Here's a look at about 125 of our favorite images from their wedding festivities.

From The E-Shoot To The Re-Shoot - Shephali and Junior's Engagement Session and Wedding

I first met Shephali at her friends' Pro and and Jean's wedding, which I was also fortunate enough to photograph. Not too long after that, Junior finally popped the question, and she began planning her own wedding. And, a year ago, she messaged me on Facebook to inquire about us shooting her wedding. 

During our initial meeting, we immediately got a great vibe going, and obviously from the content you see here, she booked us. One of the interesting things I recall from our meeting was when she asked, "So, I know you saw that we got engaged. I'm curious why you didn't ask if we needed your services. I had so many people hit me up and asking if we needed this or that for the wedding."

I didn't really think about it before she asked, but I actually I've never went out and asked someone, "Hey, I see you're engaged. Hit me up if you need photos." I always wait until someone contacts me themselves. For one, it already shows that they're interested. And also, honestly, I'm much better at the artsy stuff than the business-y salesman stuff. I guess I've always been like this. I never asked Sasha for her number. I waited until she gave it to me herself! Don't let her tell you otherwise.

A day before their engagement shoot, I put out an "ad" on Facebook looking for an assistant. I didn't mention who the couple was, but it turned out that I got a response from their good friend, Siva. We kept it as a surprise for them until right before the shoot. I pretty much forgot that I was hired for this, because the four of us just joked all day about anything and everything. And, I mean everything, as Junior will tell you himself that he has absolutely no filter. He's legitimately one of the funniest dudes I've ever met, and it's hard to keep a straight face around him.

A few months later, the wedding at the Hanover Mariott was finally here, and it was a gorgeous affair decorated by Rangoli Weddings. Shephali and Junior's jaws almost literally dropped when they saw the mandap and the reception setup. The lovely couple was decked out in their beautiful outfits designed by the talented Deepak Lakhani and Sonia C did a fabulous job with the makeup. The coordinator, Teresa Gaspar, was phenomenal! Whenever we needed something, she got it DONE and done quickly. DJ Raj Gandhi is one of the best emcees we worked with, and he and his DJ team kept the party going until the last second.

This was definitely one of the best weddings we've ever shot aesthetically and from personal level as well. I had a number of friends as guests, and of course, I work with my closest people. Sasha De Silva and Saad Rahman did a tremendous job on the cinematography, and Yeahia Ahmed was a super, super clutch last minute addition to the team. He's a tremendous talent and I'm happy to call him one of my best friends now.

This blog post featuring this amazing couple has a little bit of everything - snow, waterfalls, smoke, teary-eyed emotions, a rowdy party, surprise performances, broken glass on the dance floor, and even a little booty grabbing. It was even shot on cameras from all three major camera brands - Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Enjoy!


Gokce and Mert's Engagement Session and Engagement Party

I always say that I don't work for any couples, but I work with them. A successful shoot is truly a collaborative experience. Gokce and Mert came ready to do their part. These are the type of couples that truly get the best out of me. They are professional, thoughtful, gorgeous, and super fun! They came in to Central Park with a lot of great ideas, and we had a terrific time shooting with them.

They were real troopers, as they got up super early for this sunrise session. Even though it would mean her session would go longer than my engagement sessions normally are, Gokce very nicely asked me if we could stay just a bit longer to get some shots on the Central Park rowboats, and I obliged them.

Two days later, they were officially engaged at their engagement event at the Chart House in Weehawken, New Jersey. It was an intimate affair with great attention to detail. Gokce did a terrific job planning a beautiful event. They're set to get married in May, and I can imagine it will be even more beautiful!

Adil and Anika's One Year Anniversary Shoot

When Anika reached out to me about her and Adil's anniversary shoot, I knew we would all have a great time working together. If you have any of them on Facebook, you know they're a fun couple. Adil's one heck of a prankster, and the pranks he pulls on his wife and records for our enjoyment, are some of the funniest things to pop up on my Facebook feed.

We had a great time strolling through the South Street Seaport, and then taking a water taxi to Red Hook. I was dying to get a few shots on the water taxi itself, and I knew it would depend on the security personnel on the vehicle. Luckily, the people we got were pretty chill, and we got to snap a few frames by the edge of the boat.

I've shot in this area in Red Hook before, and it's a great place to shoot that's not too busy. Most people are shocked that you can make nice images from a place that is essentially the parking lot of an Ikea. We used our surroundings as best we could to incorporate them into our shots and had a fun time shooting here. They were really wonderful to work with, and it turned out to be one of my favorite portrait sessions to date.