Henry, The Pigeon

I've never felt emotionally connected to a pigeon until last night. Henry was perched on this ledge right out my window. He is a beautiful, white pigeon, and looks more like a dove than a typical NYC pigeon. He stayed on this ledge for 5-6 hours with his eyes wide open and barely moved a muscle.

My bro tapped on the window. He wouldn't budge. After a few more attempts, he moved a little, and tried to flap its wings, but the injured Henry simply could not. My bro put out food for him, but he wouldn't eat. He just tucked his head into his hurting body for warmth.

After a long night, he finally flew away at 3:00 AM, but he was still clearly injured. Wherever you are, I'm rooting for you, Henry! I hope you're safe, and I hope you make it back to my window one day!