Adil and Anika's One Year Anniversary Shoot

When Anika reached out to me about her and Adil's anniversary shoot, I knew we would all have a great time working together. If you have any of them on Facebook, you know they're a fun couple. Adil's one heck of a prankster, and the pranks he pulls on his wife and records for our enjoyment, are some of the funniest things to pop up on my Facebook feed.

We had a great time strolling through the South Street Seaport, and then taking a water taxi to Red Hook. I was dying to get a few shots on the water taxi itself, and I knew it would depend on the security personnel on the vehicle. Luckily, the people we got were pretty chill, and we got to snap a few frames by the edge of the boat.

I've shot in this area in Red Hook before, and it's a great place to shoot that's not too busy. Most people are shocked that you can make nice images from a place that is essentially the parking lot of an Ikea. We used our surroundings as best we could to incorporate them into our shots and had a fun time shooting here. They were really wonderful to work with, and it turned out to be one of my favorite portrait sessions to date.